Swing Dancing Electrons – Advanced Partnering

“Researchers Discover “Swing-Dancing” Pairs of Electrons” read the headline from this article.  Further into the article, you’ll read: “What the new research has identified is an in-between state where the electrons form pairs, but each pair moves independently. One may regard the electron pairs as “swing dancing” where dancing pairs hold hands but do not move in any synchronized fashion.” It struck me as an advanced lindy hop concept that doesn’t always get much mention.  Continue reading

Swingin’ Denver – Images Across the World

Ever since we did our photoshoot with Gmark Art, people across the world have been using our promo images. Some ask for permission (thank you!), some don’t. We try to reach out to that latter group. We are happy to see our images used for promotion. Here are some examples:

Swing Dance Store UK

So You Think You Can Teach (design by Emelie Decavita)

South Florida Lindy Collective

Cape Town Swing Society also used one for a Facebook event. It was a great way to meet new dancers.

If you see our images used, please give us a shout out! We appreciate it.