SFS 2015 – Performance Recap

Performing my and Delilah’s Mr. Ghost routine is sometimes a scary proposition. We performed Saturday night at Southern Fried Swing and my mind is trying to interfere with my muscle memory. I’m calculating swingout numbers and can’t remember which one I’m on. Darn routine has too many swingouts!

Fortunately, all the practice hours pay off. The routine is even more ingrained in my system and feels almost as natural as social dancing. What has helped this muscle memory? Continue reading

What Song Do I Play Next at Southern Fried Swing 2015

Classic DJ struggle – what song do I play next? I was in this flow of buildling tempo and keeping the energy high, but for my last song, I was going to pull it down. The songs:

St. Louis Blues (Take 2) – Benny Goodman (145)
Swingin’ at the Semloh – Jimmie Lunceford (171)
Texas Chatter – Harry James (183)

My original final song was “The Basement Blues” by Noble Sissle & His Original Swingsters. I wanted to bring it down to a comfortable range to get more dancers on the floor for my final song. As I was looking around the room, I noticed a dancer sitting out that looked either tired or bored. It was right before midnight, so it could be both. With 30 seconds left, I wanted a Call to Action. I really like “The Basement Blues,” but it wasn’t going to cut it.

“Revival Day” by Lavern Baker it was. It has a strong “2,4” and it calls to the dancers. Listen to lyrics. It’s asking questions. Call and Response. “Have you ever felt as though you want to shout? C’mon and let those feelings out.” Dance floor’s getting filled. It was the better choice at the moment.


A Class in a Class in a Class

Tonight was an interesting beginner lindy hop class night. We had a class within a class within a class. Let me explain.

Tonight was Week 4 in our progressive lindy hop class. We had many drop-in students of various levels. It was awesome and we started off with an excerpt from Jesse’s fast footwork drills. Then I asked who still felt pretty new to lindy hop. They went with Nate, my awesome door person/fill-in teacher as of tonight. Then we saw who could swingout. Those that couldn’t went with BreAnna. Those remaining were with me.

Overall, I felt that tonight went rather well, though, as teachers, we faced a new situation. Everyone, including the students, stepped up mightily. At the end, everyone recapped what we taught and learned. Then BreAnna and I finished up by filming two recaps, one with footwork drills, the other with new material.

Oh, and it was reinforced that I have an awesome team that steps up when needed and gives back great energy to the students. Thanks, Nate and BreAnna!


Camp Hollywood – a recap

taken by Reuben Sosa
taken by Reuben Sosa

Camp Hollywood was bonkers this year! A few months back, Delilah and I were talking about competing at Camp Hollywood. We decided to compete in every single competition except Classic together. This meant Showcase, Open Lindy, Shag, Open Balboa, Jack & Jill, and the UJC (Underground Jitterbug Championship. We knew we were reaching, but we wanted to go full out. Continue reading

Uptown Block Party – Playlist

Here’s my perspective as I prepared this playlist. I wanted something to call to the event, hence “Let Me Off Uptown.” I also wanted clean sounding music. I was planning on using my sound system and the music sounds bad if it’s degraded or crackling. I also wanted music with good energy and leaning toward vocals for the dancers and the crowd. It seems that people connect more to vocals. I also wanted good energy for the quick jitterbug lesson. I would have passed on Bill Bailey due to its low-tempo, but that was what played.  The playlist: Continue reading

Uptown Block Party & More

Wow! We had a great time at the Uptown Block Party today! I want to thank Colorado Swing Dance Club for helping get the word out. It was also great to have Victor and Margaret there representing the Colorado Swing Dance Club and having their flyers out. Thanks also to The Ladies & Gentlemen for participating also. We had great energy during the Shim Sham and Tranky Doo. So, thank you to everyone that was there and gave their energy to this event.

my new dance partner
my new dance partner

The Uptown Block Party organizers really enjoyed our energy and what we brought to their event. We already talked about us participating again next year and being involved in other neighborhood events, too. On that note, I’d like share how we came to be at this event. Continue reading