Enabling Each Other

Recently, Jesse and I were practicing the snatch aerial for a tutorial video. The release was feeling slow to me and the landing had mixed results. Come to find out, Jesse needed more stretch time into the aerial (i.e. 5,6,7,8) while I was giving her 7,8. I was thinking she didn’t need a long stretch because I don’t need one. I adapted, the release was quick and we were nailing the snatch. It was reinforced once more than I can still improve my communication and that each aerial partner is different with their needs. We both achieved success by enabling the other. So let’s help each other out!


Musicians and Dancers

Sam, from Odessa Rose, and Krista busting a move
Sam, from Odessa Rose, and Krista busting a move

From this point forward, Swingin’ Denver is offering all their dance classes and local workshops at 50% off for all working musicians that play for swing dancers. We have a fine group of musicians that have been known to bust a move on the social floor including Joe Smith, Prescott Blackler, Jeremy Mohney, Sam Cole, Danit Evelyn, Brittney Caraway, and Ian Hutchinson. We would love to see more musician-dancers and dancer-musicians! Continue reading