Handshake Protocol – Asking to Dance

I was at work answering phones and was thinking about the ways we initiate conversation or say phrases before tackling the reason for this communication. Some people mean, others are just their form of acknowledgements. It’s another type of handshaking. In other words, it’s how we initiate communication before we can exchange information (the lead/follow aspect of the dance).

Handshake of two glossy characters

We also do this (or we should) at social dances. Use your words – “would you like to dance?” Perhaps even “would you like to follow” or “would you like to lead?”

Please don’t be like my friend (who I do appreciate) that comes in with big eyes, palms down, arms upraised.

begging-dogOr that person that silently only offers their hand.

outstretched-handIf the person is deaf and maybe you know them, this could be ok.


But do consider your words. I understand there might be shortcuts in play if you know the person, but it’s nice to be asked and it’s nice to ask. It sets you up for a good social dance.

Straight Leg Challenge

The number one goal during my ACL rehab is getting my leg straight. It’s looking better when lying down, but as soon as I start walking, I’m a bit more bent due to my hamstring muscles seizing and tightening up. So I do my exercises and every time I step, I’m supposed to be consciously pushing through my right leg for extension. If I’m to move on to more physical activities (like dancing, perhaps), that straight leg is required.
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