2017 Change Up

change-up-pitchUp until September, Swingin’ Denver venues were pretty homogeneous. Students were nearly guaranteed that they would see the same teachers teaching every single class at a particular venue. Then I got injured, Wiley took a job in Nevada, and we were suddenly adding different teachers.

Well, guess what? We have many more teachers on our 2017 teaching staff. You’ll see a lot of new teacher combinations across our 2 venues and 5 classes. This teacher and class variety means a few things:
– more specialty series
– students will hear more individual takes on technique and core patterns
– refreshed teachers
– students will hopefully adapt to different instructor’s teaching styles which will help them learn better at workshops, other local schools, and national events.

We’re excited about this and hope you are too!

Focus On The Dancing

Ever leave a dance night disappointed because you didn’t get as much social dancing as you wanted due to performances, competitions, announcements or too many jams? I have. I’m sure you have too.

notice the people talking and drinking at the bar

This is something I’m always thinking of at our own venues. We want to be a dance venue first. We do enjoy running special things like contests or performances because we want to showcase our local talent and celebrate what our scene offers. We try to be mindful of how long these things run because, if you’re like me, you probably want to get back to dancing no matter how much you might enjoy sitting and watching something special.

It’s a delicate balance. Sometimes, as a dancer, you just need to understand this is how this venue operates. There might be no birthday jams, a regular planned cypher jam that happens to this one song (“Sing, Sing, Sing” at my regular KC place), or downtime at a regular time so show up early or arrive late.

At our venues, we try to keep announcements tight and, at minimum, we’re thanking our DJs and bands. Most of the time, there are playbills announcing those things anyway or we have the event on our Facebook page. For competitions, we have a dance break between the first round and finals rather than running everything together. And we occasionally do a random snowball or out-of-towner jam when the timing feels right. We want to focus on the dancing and music-making and develop the community aspect while dancing.