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ASCAP – Q&A Summary

There’s nothing like an impersonal form letter demanding money in dense legalese so I can legally play music. I rightfully freaked out. ASCAP had never bothered me before and everywhere I played music was legally covered. In fact, all my teaching venues have an ASCAP license (Arvada Tavern and The Infinite Monkey Theorem) and the church is licensed through OneLicense, though for that I should be playing legal gospel swing music. Gospel music for balboa dancers. Would that fly, Kyle?

I digress. Jesse suggested I farm these out to my more knowledgeable friends via social media. Here’s the recap: Continue reading

Do Think of Pink Elephants – Phrasing Positive

Never mind. Don’t think of pink elephants. You failed, didn’t you? You’re probably thinking of pink elephants right now, perhaps even Google searching them.  Let’s try another one. Don’t think of pizza. Did it work? Are you abstaining from those mental images?


It’s hard, isn’t it? Our mind somehow passes over the “not” and skips to what follows it. We’re searching for what to do. We’re searching for the actionable message.  Continue reading

A Word on Men’s Neckwear

Over the past few weeks, neckwear, particularly ties, have been an oft-repeated subject. Whether it is a Skidoo team member needing necktie tying assistance, seeing M. Roberts of Nineteen Forty, reading another “How to Tie a Bow Tie” Facebook request, or someone asking me about my silk knit ties, neckwear keeps popping up. This post will address multiple questions, so I can help Colorado men be more fashionable and self-sufficient.

Helping Joe Demers with his bow tie

Continue reading