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BreAnna Morris

breanna-head-shotFrom social ballroom dancing to her high school Pom-Squad, BreAnna has enjoyed many kinds of dance throughout her life and is a real blast at wedding receptions. She began dancing with her university’s Latin Dancing and Cultural Club in 2010, making lifelong friends and pursuing Latin dance in full force. It wasn’t until 2012 that she began dabbling in Lindy Hop and discovered her true passion for swing dancing. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, BreAnna moved to Denver in late 2014 and invested more in the technicalities of Lindy Hop, learning and growing more than she ever had before.

She now competes, performs, and teaches with the The Ladies and Gentlemen of Swingin’ Denver and the Denver Diamond Dolls. Her other interests include reading, writing, art, traveling, and loving people. She enjoys friends (and swing dance students) with good work ethic and excellent senses of humor.

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