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Talking Fashion – Keeping Your Shirt Tucked

Because who doesn’t like performing at an airport?! #lindyhop #swingdance #jazz #cmdance

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Have you ever been frustrated by your button front shirt coming untucked from your trousers? You constantly tuck it back in during the dance night. I especially dislike this feeling when I’m performing. Once it comes out, I feel much less professional. And, because I’m performing, there is no time to tuck it back in.

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Dress Well & Represent

This past Monday, I took The Ladies & Gentlemen to perform for Boulder Swing Dance’s dance at Kakes. We first met at Curry ‘n Kebob for dinner (food tip: do the dinner special) and I was struck by how well everyone dressed. I really appreciate how well my group dresses for outings and gigs.

Clothes say a lot about the person. Vestis Virum Reddit (“Clothes make the man”) is one of only two Latin phrases I remember, but it reflects one of my Swingin’ Denver goals – to inspire a well-dressed culture.

This starts at the top and filters down. And the top starts with those wanting to be judged as a professional. This could be the teacher, the door person, the performer, etc. How do you want to represent?

A Word on Men’s Neckwear

Over the past few weeks, neckwear, particularly ties, have been an oft-repeated subject. Whether it is a Skidoo team member needing necktie tying assistance, seeing M. Roberts of Nineteen Forty, reading another “How to Tie a Bow Tie” Facebook request, or someone asking me about my silk knit ties, neckwear keeps popping up. This post will address multiple questions, so I can help Colorado men be more fashionable and self-sufficient.

Helping Joe Demers with his bow tie

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