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Arm Placement – thoughts on Asa’s post

Recently, Asa Heedman wrote a Facebook post that came across my personal feed that started me thinking. In summary, a Herrang teaching couple supposedly said “do not have your hand on the leader’s shoulder.” Asa then gives some personal history about dancing with Frankie and how his teaching preference was to have her hand on his shoulder. She then goes on to say that it doesn’t matter where it’s placed, but that she’s concerned about teachers making their opinion a rule. Please read her post and the comments below it.

As I said, though, this got me thinking. We teach our follows to have a relaxed upper arm. This means it will typically hang downward from the shoulder so that the lower arm will probably rest of the leader’s lower arm and the hand near the bicep/deltoid area. So what might another follow do while dancing with Frankie? Continue reading