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A Word on Men’s Neckwear

Over the past few weeks, neckwear, particularly ties, have been an oft-repeated subject. Whether it is a Skidoo team member needing necktie tying assistance, seeing M. Roberts of Nineteen Forty, reading another “How to Tie a Bow Tie” Facebook request, or someone asking me about my silk knit ties, neckwear keeps popping up. This post will address multiple questions, so I can help Colorado men be more fashionable and self-sufficient.

Helping Joe Demers with his bow tie

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Building Your Vintage Wardrobe (Part 1) – Mens Shoes

The 1940s WWII Ball is nearing and vintage fashion is capturing men’s imagination. This seems like an appropriate time to share my knowledge gained from many years working for an online sales company specializing in vintage to modern apparel and footwear. I had the fortune to work several years under a eclectic arts purveyor, vintage guru, and thrift store bargain hunter. After he sold the company, I stayed on as the vintage expert – pricing, dating, providing keywords, and authenticating high end merchandise. Here are some helpful hints and tips for the new vintage seekers starting with shoes. Continue reading