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Code of Conduct

Need Help?

Swingin’ Denver is here to support you if you are injured, feel threatened or unsafe, or wish to make us aware of inappropriate behavior at our event. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via any of the following channels:

  • The individual running the front desk, or the Swingin’ Denver event host
  • Kenny Nelson – (720) 336-3440
  • Kenny Nelson –

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may use this form.

Your safety at our events is of utmost important to us; we want to hear from you!

If someone approaches you with concerns about something they’ve experienced or observed at our events, please encourage them to contact us so that we can address the problem.

Swingin’ Denver will stand by and support you to the best of our abilities.

Mission Statement

Swingin’ Denver is passionate about sharing the amazing experience of Swing dancing with as many people as possible! We hold dear the tradition of authentic jazz, the connection between the music and social dance, and the unique creative expression these art forms make possible. Our events are hosted with the goal of every attendee having a blast! Our Code of Conduct exists to support that goal, and to inform our attendees of the procedures we have in place to help ensure a safe environment for them.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to hosting safe events for our attendees, staff, and performers. “Safe spaces” has become something of a buzzword in both the Swing dance community as well as the general population of late, so we want to be clear about what we mean by a safe space. It’s simple: Everyone at our events deserves to feel not only safe, but protected. Behavior contrary to this outcome will be treated as a matter of priority and addressed according to procedures outlined below.

Just as everyone deserves to feel safe and respected, so must everyone take responsibility for making others feel safe and respected. To that end, here are some suggestions from us to help you do your part to create a safe space:

Use respectful language: This means not using racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist or transphobic language, sexualised, rude or violent language, or language designed to make another person feel uncomfortable or inferior

Be respectful of personal space: Do not touch someone else without first asking. Do not touch anyone inappropriately.

Stop touching someone if they ask or tell you to.

Only closely embrace someone with their consent.

Attempt aerials responsibly. On the social floor, stick to tricks that can be socially lead and followed, with familiar partners. In a performance, competition, or jam circle, ensure you have consent to perform an aerial with every partner, every time.

Attempt tricks responsibly. On the social floor, be sure to ask permission before leading or following any tricks, including lifts, drops and dips. Just as you’re able to change a pattern to avoid hitting someone nearby, we would expect you to do adapt your trick for the ever-changing dynamics of the social dance floor. If you cannot, don’t lead or follow it.

Be proactive about keeping your dance partner comfortable. Watch for body language cues or check in verbally with your partner.

It is your right to refuse any dance, for any reason at any time.

It is your right to stop dancing with someone at any point for any reason.

There are many additional ways to help create a safe space, and we encourage you to consider the above to be the bare minimum! Swingin’ Denver strongly supports anyone who feels violated or victimized at one of our events. We are looking out for our attendees. Especially in cases of sexual harassment or assault, our policy is to believe and support the person who felt targeted. Keep your own behavior above reproach, and always be explicit about asking for or giving consent.

Procedures for Violation of Code of Conduct

When an individual is accused of violating this code, Swingin’ Denver may take any or all of the following steps:

  • Privately discuss the report with the individual concerned, and request that the behavior be stopped immediately.
  • Ask the individual to leave an event. (No reimbursement will be paid to those asked to leave for a conduct violation.)
  • Refuse an individual the opportunity to attend future events
  • Legal action

When an individual reports a violation, Swingin’ Denver may take any or all of the following steps:

  • Request a private conversation with the reporting individual
  • Inquire about specific details of the incident(s)
  • Share details about the reported event with necessary Swingin’ Denver staff, and, if necessary, law enforcement
  • Inquire about what outcome the reporting individual desires
  • Follow up with the reporting individual periodically

Our top priority following a report will be to restore the safety of our event attendees.

Swingin’ Denver practices voluntary reciprocity with other events, scenes, and organizations. Actions taken against dancers for violations of similar codes of conduct will be considered for reciprocation here at Swingin’ Denver.

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