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2017 Speakeasy Soiree

Hosted by Swingin’ Denver and Dry Dock Brewing, featuring La Pompe Jazz. Video by John Kaufmann.

Kenny & Delilah at ILHC 2017

Kenny & Delilah place 3rd performing “Oo Wee” at the International Lindy Hop Championships

Swing Shift at BBVD Concert

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform at Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert at the Oriental Theater

Intermediate Student Routine

2017 Intermediate Student Routine performed at Flatiron Stomp

Swing Street Strut – 40s Ball

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform Swing Street Strut

Les Oignons – a Balboa Performance

Todd & Reese perform their “Les Oignons” routine at Wednesday Night Hop

Underground Jitterbug Championship 2015

Delilah and Kenny win the UJC 2015

Buck Fever at the Hoedown!

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform “Buck Fever” at the Hoedown!

“Buck Fever” by La Pompe Jazz

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform their latest routine, “Buck Fever”, to La Pompe Jazz at The Mercury Cafe. Choreographed by Jessica Nelson.

“Buck Fever” at 505 Stomp

The Ladies & Gentlemen Perform “Buck Fever” at 505 Stomp

La Pompe Jazz’ “Sheik of Araby”

La Pompe Jazz’ “Sheik of Araby”

“Douce Ambiance” at Ivywild

The Ladies & Gentlemen Performance “Douce Ambiance” by La Pompe Jazz at Ivywild

Mr Ghost Team Performance

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform at the 1940’s Ball Winter Ball.

“Douce Ambiance” Performance

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform to La Pompe Jazz’ “Douce Ambiance”

The Ladies & Gentlemen win Cowtown Jamborama

The winning team routine at Cowtown Jamborama 2015

Mr Ghost Goes to Town at NJC

Kenny & Delilah showcase their Mr Ghost Goes to Town routine at the National Jitterbug Championships at Camp Hollywood.

Twenty Four Robbers Routine

Performed at 40s on Fourth in Loveland by The Ladies & Gentlemen

Deep Henderson Routine

Here’s our take on the Tranky Doo performed to “Deep Henderson” by the Queen City Jazz Band at the Evergreen Music Festival.

“Undecided” by the Ladies & Gentlemen

The Ladies & Gentlemen debut Undecided

Beastie Boys “Girls” Routine

Delilah & Kenny’s short showcase to Beastie Boys “Girls”

The Tranky Hop @ Late Night Under the Sun

Kenny & Jesse perform their Tranky Hop at Late Night Under the Sun in Boulder

The Tranky Hop @ Hellzapoppin’ Hoopla

the partnered Tranky Doo

Charleston is The Best Dance of Them All

Performance to a Live Band!

The Twirly Hop

A Tranky Doo inspired choreo

Charleston Team Performance

Here is Swingin’ Denver’s Ladies & Gentlemen performing to “Charleston is the Best Dance of Them All”

Delilah & Kenny perform at Sving du Nord!

Here’s Kenny and Delilah’s performance of Tia Juana at Sving du Nord in Minneapolis.

Rosetta at Under the Sun

Here are Kenny & Jesse performing a short showcase routine to “Rosetta” by the Palmetto Bug Stompers.

Swingin’ Denver|Dance in Arvada

Welcome to Swingin’ Denver. We believe in growing the swing dance community through making dance knowledge readily available, accessible to everyone and fun!

Swingin’ Denver at Yelp in Living Color!

This is our second routine, performed July 28 at Yelp in Living Color at the Clyfford Still Museum.

Tia Juana Performance – Yelp in Living Color!

This is Swingin’ Denver’s performance of Tia Juana at Denver Yelp’s Living Color event.

Westify Your Hop – class recap

This is a class recap from one of Swingin’ Denver’s Advanced Lindy Hop classes.

The Goofball Collective @ Beantown Camp

This is The Goofball Collective performing once more at Beantown Camp 2014

23 Skidoo debuts Tia Juana

23 Skidoo debuts Tia Juana, a routine choreographed by Kenny Nelson

The Goofball Collective – Stompology IX

This is a routine performed at Stompology IX (#stompo9) by The Goofball Collective, dancers from New York, California, and Colorado. It was choreographed by Nicole Zuckerman and Carl Nelson. The other dancers were Dan Newsome, Lainey Silver, Jesse Hanus, and Kenny Nelson.

Social Dance Demo in Luxembourg – Kenny & Jesse

This is a social dance demonstration we gave at the Swing Dance Luxembourg dance. We’re dancing to “The Panic is On” by Tyler Yarema.

Kenny & Tiff Winning the 2009 UJC

Kenny & Tiff battle Max & Dax for the coveted UJC prize – mad props and Underground Jitterbug Champions

Black Coffee Solo Routine

This is Black Coffee performed by Wingy Manone and choreographed by Kenny Nelson of Swingin’ Denver. Except for the opener from Zaragoza, Spain, the entire video was filmed throughout Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks to Envision Studio for their great editing work.  

That’s On Jack That’s On Routine

This is the showcase routine Kenny Nelson and Heather Ballew performed at Camp Hollywood 2012. We were pleased to perform this piece again to the welcoming and booing LA crowd. Song: That’s On Jack That’s On by The Cats and the Fiddle

Three Bones Routine at Beantown Camp

Jesse and I perform the Three Bones Routine choreographed by Alain Wong and Gen St. Lo at Beantown Camp’s Beantown Bounce.

Dancerly Students performing Solo Jazz Routine

Dancerly Students performing Nathan & Gaby’s solo jazz routine At the Dancerly Workshops hosted by Kenny Nelson, Nathan Bugh and Gaby Cook taught a morning solo jazz routine Saturday, March 29, 2014. Here are the students practicing this routine toward the end of class.

Swing Shift Performance by Swingin’ Denver students

I’m so proud of these students! Jesse and I taught a fast routine class over two nights in April and had another 1 hour practice session for this performance. These performers and our other students were absolutely inspiring. They worked their butts off at and outside class. Hope to do it again! This Swing Shift […]

Pro-Am With Alice Pye at 505 Stomp

Kenny Nelson and Alice Pye were the second couple out in 505 Stomp’s Pro-Am competition. Alice Pye won her Amateur division.

Downtown Swing Intermediate Recap – Jig Walks

This is a class recap from the Intermediate class at Downtownswing in Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks to Simona for teaching with me.  

Aerial Training TV Stäfa

Here’s a glimpse into my training day with TV Stäfa, a parkour team comprised of teenage boys. This is a small sampling of tricks we did. I hope this will inspire you, whether you are a lindy hopper, parkour enthusiast, or freerunner. Look to other sources for new material and then create. General note: Always […]

Falling in Blues

This is class recap from Falling in Blues 2014 held in Grenoble, France and taught with Aurelie Duc.

Rocky Mtn Girl Jam – Musicality

This class was titled Let the Music Be Your Guide. We talked about musicality, capturing different feels, and being bold and intentional with our choices.

505 Stomp Pro-Am All-Skate

Congratulations to all the finalists. From left to right in the video’s beginning, we have: Sean Johnson & Laura Glaess Lark Mervine & Andy Reid Bundy & Nina Gilkenson Jesse Hanus & Peter Strom Alan Guagliardo & Casey Schneider Alice Pye & Kenny Nelson