“Buck Fever” by La Pompe Jazz

The Ladies & Gentlemen perform their latest routine, “Buck Fever”, to La Pompe Jazz at The Mercury Cafe. Choreographed by Jessica Nelson.

Twenty Four Robbers Routine

Performed at 40s on Fourth in Loveland by The Ladies & Gentlemen

Deep Henderson Routine

Here’s our take on the Tranky Doo performed to “Deep Henderson” by the Queen City Jazz Band at the Evergreen Music Festival.

Delilah & Kenny perform at Sving du Nord!

Here’s Kenny and Delilah’s performance of Tia Juana at Sving du Nord in Minneapolis.

Rosetta at Under the Sun

Here are Kenny & Jesse performing a short showcase routine to “Rosetta” by the Palmetto Bug Stompers.

Swingin’ Denver at Yelp in Living Color!

This is our second routine, performed July 28 at Yelp in Living Color at the Clyfford Still Museum.

Tia Juana Performance – Yelp in Living Color!

This is Swingin’ Denver’s performance of Tia Juana at Denver Yelp’s Living Color event.

The Goofball Collective @ Beantown Camp

This is The Goofball Collective performing once more at Beantown Camp 2014

23 Skidoo debuts Tia Juana

23 Skidoo debuts Tia Juana, a routine choreographed by Kenny Nelson

The Goofball Collective – Stompology IX

This is a routine performed at Stompology IX (#stompo9) by The Goofball Collective, dancers from New York, California, and Colorado. It was choreographed by Nicole Zuckerman and Carl Nelson. The other dancers were Dan Newsome, Lainey Silver, Jesse Hanus, and Kenny Nelson.