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Nate Davis

nate-headshotIf you would have told a high school Nathan that he would be swing dancing his way through college he might have given you a funny look. But in 2003, Nate was bitten by the swing bug and can never go back. He taught, performed and competed with CSU Swing Society from 2005 to 2010. Traveling for dancing has let him get to know many cities and meet many amazing, long lasting friends! He loves it how being a swing dancer means you’re now part of a family. If you roll into a new city (even across the globe), find a dancer, let them know you’re a dancer and you’re bonafide.

Today you can see Nate teaching and performing with the Ladies and Gentlemen of Swingin’ Denver. He hopes to spread the joy dancing has brought to him throughout his community. If you see him on the dance floor please say hi! He’ll be the one with the big silly grin on this face

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