DJ Workshop


Product Description

This product is free for locals joining Swingin’ Denver’s DJ program and available to purchase if you’re coming in from out of town for the Ksenia workshop and want to take this also.

Swingin’ Denver is, once again, looking for DJs of all swing sorts.

Our first session was a huge hit, and our current DJ team is killin’ it!

As our community grows with dancers, we are also looking to grow the DJ community. Kyle Smith, international DJ, is leading the DJ charge! He will be organizing our DJs, setting the DJ schedule for all our DJ needs, and is looking for both veterans and new DJs alike to play great swing music all around Denver.

If you are interested in DJing for Swingin’ Denver’s dance venues like the Arvada Tavern and Dry Dock Brewing, along with their special events, this open call is for you!

On Saturday July 22, Kyle will be holding our mid-year DJ workshop for both all interested DJs and soon-to-be-DJs. This session will help guide those new to DJing in choosing music, software, and will cover basic DJ techniques. It will also assist veterans in finding ways to progress and improve as DJs. This 4-hour session is required for anyone looking to DJ for Swingin’ Denver and will serve as both a scheduling session and guided workshop.

If you have any questions about the session or DJing in general, please contact either Swingin’ Denver or Kyle Smith ( directly via email or Facebook.

The workshop will be held at Kyle’s house.
10am start, expect to stay thru 2pm
7875 E Amherst Ave 80231