Learn the Big Apple!


Come learn the Big Apple!


The Big Apple is a solo jazz group routine originally performed by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the film Keep Punching. It is now a popular group routine similar to the Shim Sham or the Tranky Doo often performed at Lindy Hop Workshops, Events, and Denver weekly dances. It has become one of the core routines in international Lindy Hop culture and is widely recognized around the world.

So come learn the Big Apple with Reese Dewey and Leea Kuronen!¬†You’ll learn the entire routine in one afternoon and you’ll be improving your base solo jazz movement as you go. Even if you’ve learned it before, we encourage this refresher. Every instructor offers something different and Leea and Reese certainly enjoy teaching solo jazz.

When: 1-4pm June 2, 2018
Where: 1st Avenue Presbyterian Church at 120 W 1st Avenue
Cost: $30 pre-registered, $40 at the door


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