Stefan & Bethany – (Int+ Saturday)


Saturday with Stefan & Bethany



Bethany and Stefan are extraordinary, world-renowned dancers and we’re very pleased to host an advanced workshop with them in Denver March 31 and April 1. They are creative, concise, inventive, passionate, and fun. They are a delight to watch and to learn from.
Saturday will be a mix of solo and partnered material and is aimed toward the intermediate+ and beyond dancer!
Level Requirement: you can dance Lindy Hop to “Yacht Club Swing” comfortably; you know the Tranky Doo, Big Apple, or equivalent material; you segue effortlessly between 6ct, 8ct and nth count moves; you rock Charleston transitions from a wide variety of positions (hand-to-hand, tandem, airplane, etc.) with clear footwork and even variations; you take workshops from out-of-town instructors; you’re working on the fine details of your connection; you want Stefan and Bethany to push your dancing and creative mindset further.
All registrants will be subject to approval. If you’re wondering if you’re right for this workshop, email us or contact Kenny Nelson on Facebook.

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