Swing 3 – Musicality




Come dance your face off with Chelsea and Joshua! They’ll be teaching the elusive art of musicality: that special quality that brings both personal expression and musical interpretation to your dancing. Check your comfort zone at the door, and be ready for good music, hard work, and plenty of laughs.

Swing 3 is for students who are confident with a wide variety of Lindy Hop and Charleston patterns, including transitions and basic improvisation. Students are required to have taken our Swing 1 & 2 classes or equivalent. Please contact us if you’re unsure!

6:30-7:45pm Wednesdays starting March 28, 2018 at Sanctuary Studio at 125 S Sherman St in Denver.

Pre-register online for $75 per person per session, At the door is $85 per person per session, Drop-ins (allowable for weeks 1 & 2) are $15 per person per class.