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Reese Dewey

Reese is super excited about being asked to write a bio about herself as a dance instructor, but also terrified because writing about your life sounds like an obituary. That being said…

Reese brought herself up dancing. She took lessons starting in elementary school, but preferred choreographing her own routines for school talent shows. This continued through high school when she would dominate lip sync contests. The lip syncing was alright, but really you just can’t lose doing the choreography from any Jackson video.

Fast forward to now and you will find this ability is deep-rooted. Reese currently choreographs routines for Swingin’ Denver, the Denver Diamond Dolls, and sometimes just for fun with her hubby and amazing dance partner, Todd.

When not doing routines, Reese can be found teaching social dances such as Lindy Hop and Balboa. She places a lot of emphasis on authentic jazz movements and preserving the dances and their history. She was around when lindy went through a “groovy” phase and that should never happen again!

Since most dance bios have a list of awards, Reese will take this moment to mention the boxes of trophies she is still collecting for all things swing-related: Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Blues. (And don’t forget those lip sync battle prizes!)

Reese believes that if you are dancing, you are performing. Be dynamic. Go big! This is the best way to share your love of the dance, get others hooked on it, and keep swing dancing around for future generations (and yourself).

Not the end.

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