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Kenny – “I’ve watched your guys’ epic showcase and read all the amazing posts about CH this year, but….what in the world is #jolo? Is this CH exclusive jargon? Asking for a friend. 😀”

Jitterbugs Only Live Once was coined a few years back. I struggle to remember who came up with this phrase, but it was probably Nick Peterson or someone close to him. The phrase captures the essence of the Underground Jitterbug Championships which arose from the death of the Jitterbug Contest, a staple of the National Jitterbug Championships (the contest portion of Camp Hollywood).

Here’s what I think #jolo is all about.
– you throw down
– you’re fearless
– failure is an option when you’re dancing beyond your means
– you give everything you have
– you entertain
– you’re not there for the YouTube video, you’re there for the people
– this moment is what it’s all about

My first UJC

Top Down Event Culture – Camp Hollywood

Someone said something to me at Camp Hollywood XX that stuck with me. That Hilary Alexander, the founder and chief organizer, wants to see something that makes her go “hell, yeah.” Whether it’s true to not is a different story. Regardless, I have seen this attitude permeate throughout each Camp Hollywood I attend.

Whether it’s the innovative aerials, routines that make me go “only at Camp Hollywood” with a happy smile on my face, people dressing to extreme lengths for theme nights, the fantastic music, or my joke that you need to throw the kaye flip during strictly prelims to make finals, you see this amazing spirit. Even new competitors know they need to throw down. It also helps there is an amazing crowd showering you with support because they also want to see something that makes them go “hell, yeah!”

Great events start from the top.

Camp Hollywood – a recap

taken by Reuben Sosa
taken by Reuben Sosa

Camp Hollywood was bonkers this year! A few months back, Delilah and I were talking about competing at Camp Hollywood. We decided to compete in every single competition except Classic together. This meant Showcase, Open Lindy, Shag, Open Balboa, Jack & Jill, and the UJC (Underground Jitterbug Championship. We knew we were reaching, but we wanted to go full out. Continue reading

Wednesday Night Hop – Jitterbug Spirit

Wednesday Night Hop featuring DJs Jessica Shaffer and Chip Self. Fresh from Denver’s Camp Hollywood and Cowtown Jamborama success, harness your jitterbug spirit and have some fun with us. The Arvada Tavern will also be concocting a Golden Budgie cocktail celebrating Kenny and Delilah winning this award. And, from what we can tell, the jitterbug spirit is definitely part whisky.

$4 for students, $5 for everyone else.
Drop-in Swing Lesson from 6:30-7:30pm
Beginner Lindy Hop 8-9pm.

We’ll see you on the dance floor! Enter through the phone booth.

Finding the Jitterbug Spirit at Camp Hollywood

Answering what is jitterbug spirit is akin to asking why I enjoy Camp Hollywood so much. Each year I come away measuring how much social dancing I did. And, in recent years, I measure a supremely low number yet I know I still had fun. There’s a euphoric sense that what happens at Camp Hollywood cannot be replicated anywhere else. That is the Jitterbug Spirit.ray-hirsch Continue reading