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Be Awkward

Don’t be awkward. Don’t make a scene. How many times have you allowed your physical boundaries to be violated to avoid an awkward aftermath? Not saying “no” to a dance you don’t want to have now, with this person, at the moment. Playing off someone’s unwanted physical touch as “oh, that’s just our broken step. We ignore it and step over it.”

This Atlantic article resonated with me as I reflected on situations I’ve been in and on our swing scene, locally and internationally. I feel that sometimes we are too polite, too unwilling to make a disturbance. But what if we told someone that their touch was unwanted instead of suffering it? What if repeated our “no” even when the person brushed it off with an “oh, that’s just who I am” statement? What if your friends stepped in to reinforce your boundaries?

Make things weird and uncomfortable, folks.