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Garnering Likes


When I first jumped on the social media train, I was enamored by generating Facebook likes. I would look at “competitors” Facebook pages and imagine having more likes than them. I somehow translated that likes = popularity = greater social ranking = business =… I think you get the point.

One of my methods would be to sponsor specific posts to generate likes. I tested out different keywords, different budgets, time length, or the day it started on. One week generated 90+, another 70+, another 30-ish. It felt pretty good watching the numbers climb.

Then I started looking at who was liking us. They looked nothing like the customers I wanted or were attracting into our classes. Even their profiles were slightly suspicious looking with all the memes and viral videos they were sharing. They may have been authentic, but their online behavior was suspect.

Googling Facebook advertising and what I was seeing raised my suspicions further and made me question my methods. Eventually, I stopped advertisements specifically geared toward generating likes. I still wanted likes, but I wanted greater quality likes as I’m sure any Facebook page owner would want.

Here’s where I think my money and time is better invested:
Event collaboration where we and another established business are co-hosting an event
Being active on our event pages
Boosting our classes on Facebook
Boosting our dances on Facebook
Reminding our students to like our page and subscribe
Having an interactive Facebook page where we generate unique content and “sell” about 1 in 10 times.

I hope this post helps some people out.  Quality over quantity is important here.