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Teacher Flow

So I was watching Ludacris rap Llama Llama Red Pajama last night. Coupled with a compliment for teaching flow, I thought these two things go together especially when I found my head bouncing to Ludacris’ freestyle.

In teaching life, flow can mean a couple different things. First, flow could mean the way you build upon what you’re teaching. X leads to Y leads to Z all the while encouraging students, playing music, bringing the along. You’re linking all the pieces together into one harmonious whole.

Second, flow can represent the pitter patter of teacher-speak. Just listen to Ludacris’ breath work, how he uses filler beats, and how his pauses are purposeful. I think it’s similar to how good teachers and dancers scat or count off a room – “uh5uh6, uh5uh6uh7 8 and rock step…” They can get you dancing while standing still. So good.

No, But…

but-noOne trap that teachers need to watch out for is the “No, but…” response when asked if they have anything to add. Sometimes it even happens when I’m addressing class, giving the general “ok” to move on and then the “No, but…” strikes once more. Consider being more decisive and sticking with your initial response. If you have something, but you already said no, remember your point and mention it later.  Or, if you’re already flowing toward moving on, add your point later if you can make it relevant at that time.