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talking-headsIt was recently emphasized to me and another teacher that we need to change how we address leaders and followers in class. Specifically, our teachers should state “leaders” or “followers,” so that it lessens confusion when making further statements like “leaders lead by rotating…” rather than “leads lead by rotating.” Address the role and then the action. Small change, big difference.

Highlighting Students

I was thinking recently about why I bring students out to the center to demonstrate. Sometimes, like when I’m teaching an aerials workshop, it allows me to show how to spot and how a strong spotter can help carry an aerial through. Other times it allows me the chance to highlight an attribute I’ve been emphasizing and one couple is doing rather well. I can reinforce through a student and give them a chance to shine in the center. Continue reading

Be Bold

I was watching a teacher say to a student “don’t be afraid” and to the whole class “don’t be afraid.” I’d rather encourage the student to be bold or to embrace the unknown.┬áBe positive. Dance is fun and accessible and so should the teaching language.

Where’s Your Audience?

Many times I watch teachers and study who they’re addressing. Are they addressing the entire room or are they always addressing one side of the room? Unless every single student is on one side of the room, you should be altering who you communicate with.

When you’re demonstrating different patterns, demonstrate at 2-3 different angles. When you’re talking about a technique maybe address one side and then the next time you talk address another portion of the room. Everyone there deserves your time equally.

Move your orator’s orientation.