Teacher Flow

So I was watching Ludacris rap Llama Llama Red Pajama last night. Coupled with a compliment for teaching flow, I thought these two things go together especially when I found my head bouncing to Ludacris’ freestyle.

In teaching life, flow can mean a couple different things. First, flow could mean the way you build upon what you’re teaching. X leads to Y leads to Z all the while encouraging students, playing music, bringing the along. You’re linking all the pieces together into one harmonious whole.

Second, flow can represent the pitter patter of teacher-speak. Just listen to Ludacris’ breath work, how he uses filler beats, and how his pauses are purposeful. I think it’s similar to how good teachers and dancers scat or count off a room – “uh5uh6, uh5uh6uh7 8 and rock step…” They can get you dancing while standing still. So good.