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Kenny NelsonKenny  Nelson started swing dancing in 1997 when the swing revival hit. Riding this wave, he discovered lindy hop and other related vintage swing dances. His curiosity, desire to learn and perform has kept him hooked ever since. His classes are known for being fun, detailed, and technique based whether he’s teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa, air-steps, West Coast Swing or Blues. Kenny’s competitive side has found him winning at numerous events including Camp Hollywood, Lindy on the Rocks, Ultimate Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Jitterbug and others. When he’s not dancing, you can typically find him doing Parkour and Crossfit, pursuing great local restaurants and drinks, or brainstorming crazy new moves.


Jesse Hanus began dancing in 2003, starting with ballroom and then moving smoothly into Lindy Hop and Charleston. Her love of expressing herself to Jazz and Blues music keeps her interested ever since. Attending dance events around the US and Canada to teach, compete, perform and DJ, she is passionate about spreading her love of dance to anyone willing to learn. Jesse holds titles from events like Lindy Focus, Midwest Lindy Fest, Rocky Mountain Girl Jam and Followlogie in both solo and partnered divisions. She is a recent Denver transplant from upstate NY, is on the organizing team for Stompology Authentic Solo Jazz Dance Weekend and is one of the original founders of Rochester’s all-girls dance troupe, the Flower City Follies.


Kyle Smith began dancing in 1996 during the big swing revival in California and now calls Denver his home. In those early years he played a key role in helping bring balboa to the San Francisco scene, where it is now thriving. Over his 18-year dance career he has traveled, competed, taught, lectured and DJed at numerous events around the country including Camp Hollywood, Eastern Balboa Championships, All Balboa Weekend and Snowball, to name a few. His classes tend to focus on technique, timing, creativity, and what he considers to be the most important element of the dance, musicality.

delilah-hairDelilah Williams can be found truckin’ at dance events all over! She was classically trained in ballet since birth and bumped into swing dancing at 15. It was then in 2005 that she got the bug, the lindy bug! Delilah learned how to swing dance at the Mercury Cafe and started traveling to workshops. Over the years, she has performed and competed individually and with numerous teams including the CU Jitterbuffs, Atomic Rhythm, Baltown Grapplers, Woodside Jumpers, and 23skidoo! She is part of Denver’s premiere girl troupe, The Diamond Dolls. Her cheerful smile, playful presentation, and creative movements will put a smile on your face.

jami-goodAn enthusiastic teacher with an ever-ready smile, Jami Good is looking forward to teaching swing dance at Infinite Monkey Theorem!! Enchanted by “The Nutcracker” as a child, Jami took ballet and gave up. Twice. Then, a friend introduced her to the Mercury Café in 1997. In 2007, Jami finally determined to make swing dancing a permanent life choice. She has been dancing Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Balboa and Charleston ever since! When not teaching or attending dance events, Jami can be found snuggling cats, napping, or drinking tea.

ash-helmsIt was on the DU campus, when solicited for a free swing lesson, that the dance bug was planted in Ash Helms’s mind. It waited there, growing more insistent. “Dance,” it said to him. In 2008, he decided to give in to the insidious voice. Since then, the quiet prodding has developed into a full-blown obsession, and Ash couldn’t be happier. Ash’s passion for vintage jazz and swing now pushes him to come up with new (and sometimes really goofy) ways to express himself within Lindy Hop and other American vernacular dances.


deweys-backpack-poseTodd and Reese Dewey are recently back into full swing, pun totally intended, and excited about inspiring others to learn their favorite dances: Lindy Hop and Balboa.

They are all about being a dynamic dancer and a good partner. Whether your interest is in being a better social dancer, or if you aspire to compete or perform, they have spent years (10 to 15 minus 4 plus 1 or something like that) doing it all.

They currently hail from Denver, Colorado in the U.S. of A., but might pop up at an event near you. To chat them up online, Facebook is currently your best bet.