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Todd Dewey

Todd is an original gangster. He started swing dancing before it was cool. So, he’s also an original hipster. He’s so cool, he didn’t even write his own bio.

Todd is known for his unique style on and off the dance floor, and…he’ll take it. He likes to innovate, but also keep the vintage aesthetic, and really loves being part of the music and the moment.

Todd believes you should not stop learning and practicing and continues to educate himself and others on his favorite swing dances: Balboa and Lindy Hop.

Currently he can be found tearing it up in national competitions, but is also very active in his home scene in Denver, Colorado. He teaches and performs mostly with Swingin’ Denver, and almost always with his vivacious, always-right, and don’t-forget-hilarious wife and partner, Reese.

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